6 Steps to Nail Ideas for Killer Email Copies

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Writing email copies could be hard, especially if you have been away from the task for so long or you are about creating cold emails you intend to send out to some potential big clients. I know, we have all been there.

But before you turn all frenzy and work up your brain, dry out your mental energy and get all stressed, you need to remember that letting yourself be carried away by anxiety would not help you out. Rather you want to take charge of the situation.

Yeah, right.

Unless you do, things might actually get even worse.

So I have got here for you six steps to help you take charge of the situation so you can utilize your brain and mental energy for the right thing. That is, stimulate your brain to help you get the creative juice flowing.

Let’s dive in.

Create an Environment for The Right Mental State

A best shot at harnessing your creative power is to put yourself in an environment or more specifically, a mental state, that is attuned to allowing your creative juices to flow.

Remember, we get great ideas in the shower—because that put us in the right mental state suitable for creativity.

First thing you want to do then is to put yourself or create for yourself an environment that helps you get into a relaxed state of mind. There are various techniques you can utilize to achieve this.

You could have an isolated environment or a special place in your workplace that helps you de-stress and get you relaxed and takes you away from distractions. Alternatively, it could be listening to music that helps you get relaxed. A couple of deep breaths. Or a few minutes of meditation.

Regardless of technique, you want to ensure you can feel your brain activities slowing down.

Getting yourself in a relaxed or restful state of mind is important because it is associated with the occurrence of the alpha waves in the brain. And the occurrence of alpha waves is proven scientifically to foster creativity in the mind, which is the goal we are targeting.

Once you feel relaxed enough, then you are ready for the next step.

Read and Absorb New Information

Go to your email box, and read some emails!

Now this doesn’t sound a super ingenious or novel idea, but it works.

The saying, “if you want to write a lot then you’ve got to read a lot”, isn’t just a saying, it is a rule of thumb you don’t want to forget. So pick up any material—a blog post, a freebie you downloaded from a website—and read.

You can also improve your chances of getting ideas close to what you want by reading specific content related to the subject matter you want to write about in your email.

Aside reading blogposts and freebies, you can also go on LinkedIn, check out post from big influencers on the subject you want to write an email out. Posts by big influencers generate lots of reactions and comments. In those comments are gems that can help you hack into the mind of your audience, know what it is they have as problems, that your value proposition is going to help solve.

Alternatively, you could watch re-plays of webinars or listen to a podcast.

The aim here is that you want to make sure you are feeding your brain with what it needs—new information—to get the creative juice flowing. The is very helpful because it also help keep your mind away from sliding into unwanted mental states like anxiety or blankness.

While on this step, you want to make sure you have a notepad and a pen close by or a Microsoft word document opened on your computer windows. This would prove useful for the next step.

Get down Your Ideas

Creativity is a spontaneous act, so you want to be ready when it happens.

Feeding your brain with new information from reading emails or listening to video playbacks and podcasts triggers the creation of new ideas, and your best shot is to keep a pen and paper close by or a document opened on your computer to jot them down quickly.

You don’t want the ideas escaping you, and get lost to some abyss in your unconscious mind. This often always occur when you try to cook the idea in your mind or try to refine the idea in your mind.

This does more harm than good because first, it blocks off other ideas from coming through.

Second, while your try to trim and refine the idea you might lose some of the gems contained in the idea and by the end you are left with something that would feel… worthless!

On the other hand, if you have the raw idea documented then you have something more wholesome to work with—it can be subjected to manipulations and if need be revised to a previous version of the idea if the direction you are verring towards with the idea isn’t working or good enough.

So your goal here is the ensure you are well set for any spontaneous idea that might jump off your head, and to keep the pen moving over the notepad once an idea strikes.

Don’t Overthink

As humans, we could be very impatient especially when a deadline looms ahead. It is not very strange when during the first few minutes or even up to thirty minutes or more no meaningful or relevant ideas will surface.

Naturally, your brain might respond by trying to force or coerce ideas. This more often fails as it could drain you of mental energy and put you on a path to fatigue or stress.

Haven’t you ever noticed that the more we coerce our brain to remember something, the more out of reach it tends to be?

Instead here, you might want to consider changing the technique you started with in putting yourself in the right environment to get the desired mental state. If you have been listening to music, you might instead want to stroll out for a quick walk allowing fresh air into your system. This might be the right thing your brain actually needs to de-stress and get the creative juice flowing.

In all, the goal here is prevent your mind from sliding into endless circles of fruitless thinking that produce no results except compound your stress level.

Be Patient

You also want to remember alongside avoiding overthinking, you want to be patient. You must trust your mind completely.

The moment the task of crafting the email came to you, while you might not realize it, your mind is working to produce ideas (output) to get the task done.

Here, you might want to consider doing some other tasks on your task list for the day, while keeping your mind relaxed.

Pay Attention to Your Subconscious

While at other tasks, you want to still ensure your notepad is still close by. In other words, here, you want to ensure you are paying attention to what is happening in your subconscious mind.

New information (step two) received into the brain are processed in the subconscious mind, and the time gap between reception of new information and creation of new ideas by the mind can’t be controlled. It could be a short or long time gap—and that is why creativity is a spontaneous act as I asserted earlier.

The creation of the ideas that will form the email could occur over the course of the work day or within a very short time period. And because of this, you want to ensure to keep your jotting materials at hand to keep writing the ideas down until you’ve found the perfect connections that create the “out of the box” email copies you have been trying to nail.


Creating good email copies is a skill you must hone everyday as an email marketer in order to ensure you are meeting your marketing goals.

While getting creative might prove difficult on certain days, taking certain steps can help you retrace a path back to creativity.

First, you want to ensure to create the right environment that allows you to get in a right mental state (relaxation) that promote creativity.

Next, you want to ensure to freshen your mind with new information by reading emails and blogs or listening to podcasts to get you creative juice flowing.

Then, you want to ensure to get down your ideas as soon as they occur to mind. Remember, creativity is a spontaneous act.

Also, you want to remember that the journey will always mostly be with bumps, so you want to ensure you are managing the creative task properly to ensure you get the best out of yourself for the task.

This you do by maintain a relaxed mind and avoiding overthinking, maintain patient and paying close attention to your subconscious mind.

And there you have it: 6 steps to nail ideas for killer email copies.

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