Facebook Ads offers brands and social media marketers a full tool kit to define, target, and reach specific niche audiences.

This makes Facebook Ads a go-to tool used by businesses for running marketing campaigns and creating an online presence for their brands.

As a brand manager or a social media marketer, to take advantage of this benefit, a proper execution of your Facebook Ads Campaign that allows you to leverage off this tool to achieve your business objectives and goals would be the most useful to you.

So in this post, I will be exposing to you strategies for optimizing your Facebook Ads Campaigns for reaping maximum benefits off your marketing efforts.

And if you are an experienced social media manager, marketers or brand managers, then this post is also for you, as it contains tips you can implement to improve conversion on your marketing campaigns, reduce CPM (cost per impressions) and maximize on leads, sales and revenue.

So jump right in and see how you can leverage off your Facebook Ads Campaigns to achieve your marketing and business goals.

6 ways to make more out of your Facebook Ad campaigns

Create Attention-grabbing and Compelling Facebook Ads

Here, you want to nail down value propositions that speak to the problems or needs of your niche audience.

So you want to start by conducting research on your niche audience—understanding their demographics, psychometrics (what makes them tick)—collecting feedback, then distilling the collected data into unique value propositions.

Secondly, you want to make your ads visually appealing with relevant images and videos that demonstrate your unique approach to making their business goals easier to achieve.

This way, you create ads that are attention-grabbing, compelling and unbeatable.

A quick tip: Joining Facebook groups where discussion revolves around your product offerings; and conducting research using Facebook search to discover mentions by Facebook users relating to your value propositions or product would be very useful in the research phase.

Tailor Ads to Your Ideal Audience

Well this might sound obvious, you want to ensure you are constantly putting your campaigns in front of the right people.

Here, you want to ensure to review your value propositions before launching your Facebook Ads Campaign:

  • Have you fully captured the interest of your audience in your offerings?
  • Can it be improved to better match their interests—New data about your audience that provides you with new insights and changes your current knowledge and perception of who they are calls for an improvement to your offerings in order to better match their needs.

Create and Test Multiple Ads

Never get comfortable with creating and running a single ad for your campaigns!

Create multiple ads for your campaigns and A/B test to see which gets the most response.

Chances of making more out of your Facebook ad campaign is higher when you run successful ads that compel click-through’s from your target audience.

Here, you want to test the various parts of your ads—images, videos, titles, keywords, colour—one at a time to identify the ad getting the desired traction level.

Also, due to ad fatigue on Facebook, you also want to ensure you rotate and test new ads as much as possible to maintain a fresh presence in front of your target audience.

Track and Optimize Performance

You want to detect and troubleshoot the weak points of your campaigns as soon as they appear to avoid losses on your ad performance.

You don’t want to run an ad that is more costly than it’s worth due to negligence!

Here, you want to ensure to constantly track and monitor campaign performance on your Facebook ad manager dashboard.

Tracking is an effective way to know if an ad is performing well or poorly. There are also other ads optimization tools—Qwaya, AdEspresso, Hootsuite Ads—to help you monitor and drive better performance for your campaigns.


Your prospects will abandon your carts and fail to convert on first contact with your brand for so many reasons— a reason that could be as simple as a pop-up notification that takes their attention away!

Boost conversion rate by retargeting your Facebook Ads
Image source: Profit Marketing

You can remind them of their intended purchase, subscription or other desired conversions by retargeting your ads to them.

Retargeting is an effective strategy that allows you to tailor your ads to users who have once interacted with your brand in some way—thereby increasing their contact and awareness of your brand, and consequently boosting conversion rate.

Retargeting is also an ideal strategy that serves to boost chances of closing on sales.

Call to action (CTA)

Never underestimate the power of a CTA!

This comes last—for the same reason you are thinking too…

It is the final decision point.

Hence you want to pay attention to properly crafting out your CTA.

Here, you want to make your CTA bold, short, crisp and straightforward in the action desired of your prospects.

It should be persuasive and provoke the emotion and enthusiasm of your target audience.

A good CTA compels the targeted audience to make decisions by creating in them a sense of urgency that compels action.

A good CTA boost conversions.


Facebook Ads offers a full suite of tools to run campaigns for promoting your product and services while targeting specific audiences.

Running a successful Facebook Ad Campaign is vital to achieving your business goals and objectives, which can be done strategically by harnessing the benefits of Facebook Ads tools to target your audience by crafting unique value propositions that speaks to their needs.

Then you want to test your ads to identify what elements of your ads resonate with your audience, while tracking and monitoring their performance to correct weak points.

Lastly, you want to retarget your ads to potential prospects and give your ads strong CTAs that compel click-through’s and boost conversion rate.

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