A sound social media marketing plan is good, but it could be better and more effective with an email marketing strategy.

Think of social media marketing and SEO as “broadcast” media of your marketing strategy where you attract new prospects or potential customers, and email marketing as the “gathering and collecting point” of your marketing strategy where you get to know those with actual interest in your offer.

Email marketing is where you increase your generic offers to more “higher-value” specific offers and propositions that speaks to specific needs and problems of your prospects—which consequently, makes for high conversions.

So in order to serve your marketing goal better, you want to start leveraging on email marketing to achieve better results, more conversions and higher ROIs. Here what campaignmonitor.com says: email marketing drives an average of $44 for every $1 you sink in.  If you ask me, that gain is huge!

Don’t let your customers walk away without leaving their emails behind!

So jump in and discover what potential email marketing holds for your brand—or your next marketing plan.

In June 2021, Twitter was locked down in Nigeria—just imagine loosing contact with your custom audience in a big poof!

Own Your Target Audience

The message is clear: 

With email marketing, you own your audience, you own your clients, and you can reach out to them easily for different purposes as defined by your business objectives and needs.

So to get started, you want to discover and connect with prospects and leads who have considered you worth their attention, and think you have something valuable to offer that can meet their needs or solve problems.

A subscription page on your website or a landing page that allows visitors drop their emails as they interact with your brand is all you need to get started. So start collecting those emails!.

Know Your Target Audience—Faster

Knowing who your custom audience are—their likes, dislikes, needs, wants, desires, motivation and everything in-between—is fundamental to your overall business strategy and goal.

Email marketing can help you achieve this—and in a more effective and efficient manner that serves time and cost.

Just imagine trying to gather information—say the needs or problems of your potential clients—on a new product you are developing and you had a survey posted on Twitter or on Facebook.

There is a high probability that a large number of people who will view your survey won’t be interested in what you have to offer. So it takes longer getting the right amount of feedback to progress with your product development journey.

Owning your audience is vital to avoiding this. With an already built audience, your chances of collecting feedback quickly, easily and efficiently is greatly improved.

Optinmonster.com puts email engagement rate at 22.86% (open rate) and 3.71% (click-through rate) as against 0.58% for social media engagement rate—this makes email best for reaching out to your audience for maximum feedback!


With a better understanding of who your prospects are, your capabilities in developing value propositions that serve their specific needs is enhanced. This will, consequently, serve as a roadmap to reaching to new clients who share the same needs as your audience, further increasing your market share.

Building a Team of Word-of-Mouth marketers

It is no news that your best word-of-mouth marketers are your loyal customers, and what better way to building valuable relationships than connecting with them through personalized emails?

Email marketing as a marketing strategy is built around sending newsletters, product updates, sharing valuable email content, and collecting feedback that allows you bring on your audience as part of your business team by seeking their opinion on every decision you take.

All these steps, actions, and processes, overtime, constitutes series of give-and-take value relationships that help solidify relationships with your audience, ground your audience’s knowledge about your brand image, and consequently make them feel a part of your business.

The result are happy customers and clients who are happy to share your brand story with their friends, families, colleagues and bosses.

Higher Conversion Rate

You will achieve more conversions if only you keep in touch with your old customers.

Your old customer have purchased your product and if you have gotten positive feedback from them, then they are more likely to purchase your next product or service—compared to a potential client who have not interacted with your product or service.

In essence, you will doing yourself a whole lot of disservice if you are not adding them to your contact list. Reduce your marketing costs and efforts. Start collecting those emails now, and start informing them on your next product launch.

Building Brand Trust and Authority

You need your users talking about you—positively—to solidify your stand in the market place.

Email marketing is strategic to aiding this in that it allows you build long-term relationships with your users through your brand stories—your start-ups stories, your brand journey, your vision, your mission, and your new products ideas too—which subconsciously solidifies your brand image in their minds as they interact with your content and brand message.

A metric to support this?

Hubspot.com marketing report 2021 revealed email marketing, from a study of 1000 small business owners, to be the most effective medium for building brand awareness.

Thinking Long-Term

Email marketing is so great a marketing platform for one good reason: the benefit of a private audience you can adapt for different purposes on the long term as you develop your product and grow your brand.

The audience built from email marketing could be a vital source of feedback in your product development journey, or a test-run to determine if your next marketing campaign would be successful or not, or a feedback to determine if the timing of your next product release is right.

The end result are a better planned, cost effective and efficient marketing plans—with higher ROI.

The end result are a better planned, cost effective and efficient marketing plans—with higher ROI.

The end result are a better planned, cost effective and efficient marketing plans—with higher ROI.


Email marketing is a useful tool that can transform your entire marketing strategy and help to achieve better results—by helping you build valuable relationships with customers and leads through personalized emails that increase your chances of conversions, while also allowing you leverage off an easy-access audience for all of your other business needs including gathering feedback throughout your product development journey, and getting a solid grasp of your customer pain-points and needs.

So start leveraging off email marketing to grow your brand and build better marketing plans and launch more effective campaigns.

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